Trip to the Cougar Mountain Zoo

Well we thought we would be adventurous, since school will be starting in about a week, and take a trip to one of our zoos. We have never been to the Cougar Mountain Zoo before, but I have heard good things about it.  We are loyal members of the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle (such an awesome place), so I am a bit skeptical about going to another zoo. But I have hi hopes, Little Diva ready (since yesterday LOL), a bag of snacks and my trusty camera…

The zoo was very clean with nice music playing in the background when we arrived. I’m glad we arrived when they opened because the parking lot is very limited on spaces.

Of course our first stop was to see the cougars, we saw three.

One of the great things I noticed about this zoo is that you get to be much closer to the animals than you would expect. I actually forgot just how large tigers really are until I saw a few of them very close by today.

Another great find we got to see is a “Golden” tiger, which we learned is the rarest color of tiger to find.

This pic is Taj, the golden tiger, who was biting and sucking his tail like a pacifier…the zoo keeper informed us it was a comfort thing because he is only 5year old. Little Diva flagged down a zookeeper to ask what the heck was this tiger doing. I think that Little Diva just wanted to tell-on the tiger…she loves to tattle.

Here is the white tiger we saw. This tiger in particular roamed around the enclosure like it owned the place, then finally perched up on the highest point possible that looks over the entire zoo. Of course this tiger is a female…that’s how we roll. 😉

Another great thing about this zoo is this awesome view.     (pic on left)  It is a beautiful view of Lake Sammamish.

We had a very nice visit. We able to see all the animals with a long snack break and it only took about 2 1/2 hours. The zoo is on the smaller side but the kids get to see everything without getting overwhelmed. It was very clean, easy to get to, the zookeepers were very friendly and answered all of our questions. (and they had a discount for AAA members)

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