Coupon Madness Sunday!

Coupon alert for all of you who are couponers or who would like to start couponing.
Tomorrow, Jan 6th, is one of the biggest coupon insert day in the Sunday newspaper!

Some regions will be getting up to 6 different coupon inserts! I myself, here in Washington, will be getting 4. That will be a total of over $414 in coupons…so I am very happy. (My coupon binder has been practically empty since New Years)

I get many questions about why, how and is it worth the time to coupon. So here are my answers:
-For my family it is worth couponing. Once I got my system down it really doesn’t take that much time.
-I only clip coupons for the items I would normally buy unless I can get the item for free.
-I use a regular 3 ring binder with baseball cards sleeves to hold my coupons.
-Yes, I am one of those women who carry a binder into every store…

So if you have been debating weather or not to start couponing this is the perfect time to start 🙂


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