11 things you can do tonight to set up for your success tomorrow

I found this post today on the blog Money Saving Mom (I love her blog), and I just really wanted to share this.
I know that it sounds so simple and easy but many of us don’t do half of the stuff on this list in the evenings to help ourselves for the coming day.
Please read through this if you have a minute…you may be so glad you did 🙂


I thought it’d be fun to follow that post up with 11 things you can do tonight to set you up for success tomorrow:

1. Make a List for Tomorrow

Take a few moments before bed to look at the calendar for tomorrow and map out a simple plan and to-do list. This will help you wake up with ambition, intention, and motivation.

2. Cross Three Things Off Your List

After you make a to-do list, take a minute and challenge yourself to immediately cross three things off of it. By doing this, you’ll carefully consider everything on your list and weed out those things that aren’t really a priority.

3. Do a Quick Tidy & Pick Up

Take 5 to 15 minutes before bed to quickly pick up and put away things that are out of place in the main living areas of your home.

4. Shine Your Kitchen Sink

I love FlyLady’s advice to go to bed with a shiny sink. It’s such a wonderful thing to be greeted with a clean kitchen in the morning.

5. Take Your Vitamins

I’ve become a big fan of taking my vitamins before bed. When I make it part of my evening routine, I seem much more apt to remember to take them regularly — and I feel better the next day, too!

6. Get the Coffee Pot Ready

I don’t use a coffee pot (I love my French Press!), but for those who do, this can be a wonderful thing to wake up to!

7. Lay Out Your Clothes

Save yourself some time and effort in the morning by picking out your outfit for tomorrow. And don’t forget to dress for the day you want to have!

8. Start Winding Down Early

If you plan to go to bed at 10 p.m., don’t wait until 9:45 p.m. to start thinking about bedtime. Turn off the TV, turn the lights down, and start prepping for your bedtime at least 30 minutes to an hour before it’s supposed to happen.

9. Think of Three Highlights From Your Day

I don’t know about you, but I have a terrible tendency to spend time in the evening feeling badly about things that happened (or didn’t happen) during the day. I can’t change the past, though, so this helps nothing.

If you need to ask forgiveness or work through something, do it, and then make yourself focus on the positive aspects of the day — the blessings, the surprises, the highlights, the good things.

10. Fill Your Soul & Mind With Something Encouraging

Turn on some relaxing music or read a good book before bed. Choose things that will calm and soothe your soul, not make you feel antsy or anxious.

11. Go to Bed Early

And finally, just go to bed. As early as you possibly can. Take it from me: unless you’re staying up with a sick child or for some other very important reason, it’s usually pointless to burn the midnight oil.

Do yourself a favor and get to bed early if at all possible. That’s one of the best ways to set yourself up for a successful morning.


One thought on “11 things you can do tonight to set up for your success tomorrow

  1. those are some of the things that I have done for years and they work- I get dressed
    in the morning and I am good to go and feel great

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