Ways to help plan your trip to Disneyland – Part 2-Food!

So in this post I’m just going to show you some of the great goodies you can enjoy during your visit to Disneyland.
I love going to DL and I don’t get to go very often…unfortunately. But that makes it all the more special for me and my family and so much planning goes into our trip.  If you are planning a trip to DL soon, please read my full blog post HERE on all the ways to save money on your trip.  This post will be all about food with many pictures.

In the beginning of our trip we just had to check out the new Princess Fantasy Fare area. It is very cute and loved the overall theme. They even had a new concession stand that had a part in the “theme” of it all.
Below is a pic of the menu, Apple Freeze and Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twist…all so very good too!

Another thing we always do is pick out a special treat once a day. It makes it fun and my daughter just loves it! Plus I love how Disney puts the cutest spin on desserts to make them even more special for the kids…even for us adults too☺
IMG_5374You just have to have a Mickey Mouse ice cream while enjoying an afternoon show♥
IMG_5425 IMG_5561 IMG_5562 IMG_5564Yes this cookie was as big as my daughters face…
(We ended up taking it home with us and it took 4 days for us to eat)
DSC03415One big highlight for us was to have breakfast at Ariel’s Grotto which is in the California Adventure park.  We have always wanted to do this but in previous visits they didn’t offer breakfast and it was more expensive.  So I was so glad we were able to go this trip!
When you first enter, you are greeted by Ariel herself and have a few pics with her. Then you are seated at your table with a basket of breakfast breads and a fruit patter ready for you. After you place your breakfast order, the princesses are formally announced and they all stop by each table to greet the kiddos, take pics and sign autographs♥  The food was decent and was arranged in a very cute way for the kids.
This was the children’s waffle was on top of blue colored whipped cream, with a huge slice of bacon as “the flag”.
IMG_5351Tri-tip and eggs
IMG_5352Breakfast Sandwich.

So ever since I was a kid, the one thing I always enjoyed and became tradition is the famous Monte Cristo sandwich!
I never knew that more than one restaurant serves it, yes it’s true. So for the first time we ate at Cafe Orleans…and it was so good.
IMG_5507 IMG_5509DSC03316This was actually the children’s salmon meal…it was a lot of food, of course Little Diva ate it all!)

I do hope that this has helped you some how with your upcoming trip to Disneyland.  Hey, if you just wanted to check out the pics of the food that’s great too!


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