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LEGO Cake Pops (at least that’s what they are supposed to be…)

Lego…yup, my kid is in love with most things that has that word in it.  It’s ok though, she probably inherited the love for them from myself and her father.  I remember back in the day building all types of structures so my Lego figures could capture some My Little Ponies…those were the days.

My daughter’s school had a function back in the fall where they asked the kids (meaning the  parents) to make a cake and submit it for a cake walk at a school fundraiser.  Little Diva said she would “help me” make a Lego cake. But that didn’t seem like it would take up too much time so she thought of cake pops…because those still count as “cake” right?  Then her 6 year old mind went into overdrive and figured out that a cake pop looks a lot like a Lego figure’s head and that should be easy for mom…

I caution you…I have never attempted to make cake pops in my life. I also am not a night owl, and making these cake pops took a few hours longer into the night than I anticipated. You have been warned!
ry=480So as a result, because I had no idea what I was doing, my Lego cake pops turned out…well…let’s call them “rustic” (a polite way of saying “crappy” right?)  In my defense it was a little last minute, and I was up way too late trying to make them, and had no idea what I was doing.
Anyway, here are a few pictures of the different steps I took to attempt these “Lego Pops”.

I hope you enjoy, learn from my cake pop mistakes or at least read through this post with a smile…

I on the other hand, am pouring another cup of coffee…


Ok so here are the supplies you basically need to attempt these cake pops:

(not shown are: a box of vanilla cake mix, chocolate chips I melted and then used a piping bag to make the “faces”)

-Make the cake as directed for a 9 x 13” pan. Bake and cool.

-Then (after you did all that) destroy it by dumping the whole cake into a huge bowl and crumble it up with your hands. Yes…Im serious.

-After your cake is in crumbs, add about half of the can of frosting, mix it all together well. If the mix seems too crumbly or dry add a little more frosting. If the mixture is super sticky you can chill in fridge for a bit.

-Next form small balls to the desired size for your cake pop. Put some pressure on the side of the cake ball to give it that Lego head shape. Place on pan lined with parchment paper.

-Now melt the candy melts. I didn’t have on of those special candy melt mini crockpots I’ve seen so I just put a bowl over a small pot of boiling water.

-While melting the candy melts, cut a handful of mini marshmallows in half with scissors, put aside.
-Once candy melts are melted, dip just the tip of the cake pop stick in the candy melt and insert the stick it into your cake pop. This helps the stick stay in place a bit better.

-After all the sticks are in place, put the tray of cake pops in the fridge to fully set.

-Once fully set, place your cake pops up right. I used a piece of styrofoam from my local craft store but an upside down box with holes would work too.

-Grab your cut marshmallows. Place a dot of melted candy melt onto one side and stick it to the top of each cake pop. Now it’s starting to look like a Lego head?

Now for the dipping:

I’m not going to sugar coat it for you, this is the part where I had the most trouble. And about halfway through I was about to give up and throw a hot cake pop at my husband…no I’m not kidding, I was so ready…

-So take a cake pop and “swirl” it into the melted candy melts, making sure the whole cake pop is covered. Then lightly tap the stick to try and get off any extra melting candy. Then set upright in a holder or styrofoam to cool.  Repeat for all pops.

(If you have a better method please do it, this was my first time working with candy melts ever, I didn’t know what I was doing!) This was my first one….total fail:

-Now my food marker I had planned on using to make the “faces” soooooo did not work.

So I grabbed some chocolate chips, melted them, and placed into a piping bags and went to town trying to give these freak’n Lego Cake Pops “faces”…

This was my end result…not what I had pictured in my mind at all, but they were just going to have to work.

I covered each pop with a little bag and put them in a little holder my husband put together with my childhood Legos.  He just built a Lego wall around two small pieces of styrofoam so the pops would stay upright.
So in the end it all came together I guess, I wasn’t too impressed on how they came out honestly. But the next morning Little Diva got up and ran straight to the kitchen to see the pops, and she just smiled and smiled.  She loved them so much!

Later that day I let her eat one and she said,”Mommy these are really good, and they are Lego which makes them even better! This is what I would really like to have at my birthday party!”

Oh no………….


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