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Weight Watcher/Low Calorie – Cool Whip Cookies

Lately I have been in such a cooking rut…
I look at the upcoming week on the calendar and stare blankly, always thinking “I need to try to make some new stuff”.
April was, and still is, such a busy month for my family and I haven’t been the greatest, so motivation has been semi-low.  I have been looking everywhere for some inspiration for great new low calorie and weight watcher friendly ideas, I don’t mind tweaking a recipe to make it fit better for me and my family.
After looking at Pinterest (for way too long), old magazines and cookbooks I decided to just do it and dedicate about 20 minutes a day to find something new to try for the next coming week….we will see how long I can stick with this👍

I’ve seen so many recipes for cakes that use the cake mix, some cool whip and another wet ingredient such as pineapple, soda etc.  I think I have finally found a great cookie recipe! It’s only 1 wwpts+ and about 50 calories each!😉

**6/29/16 UPDATE-4 Smart Points per cookie or 3 Smart Point per cookie if made with no powdered sugar**
So here is all you need and what to do:
1 Box Chocolate Cake Mix
2 Eggs
16oz Fat Free Cool Whip
1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar
Preheat oven to 350.
Combine cake mix, Cool Whip and eggs in bowl and mix until well combined.
Place in refrigerator and chill for at least one hour.
Drop by using small cookie scoop into powdered sugar and roll to coat.
Place on greased cookie sheet. Bake for about 12-14 minutes.

67 thoughts on “Weight Watcher/Low Calorie – Cool Whip Cookies

  1. Man!!! These look and sound awesome! Hard to find lower calorie chocolate cookie goodness!!!! Going to make these soon!

      1. Just made these. Texture is hard to “roll” in powdered sugar but they are very good!!!

  2. Dough was very sticky – I only rolled 3 in the sugar. The dough looked a lot like a cookie recipe that my mother use to make. After trying one from the first batch it tasted much like hers….only much easier to make. Her recipe required buttermilk which I never have and have to make my own sour milk using milk and lemon juice. Her recipe didn’t use the powdered sugar – just dropped dough. Will make these again and may try different cake mixes, i.e. spice, lemon, etc.

    1. Glad you gave it a try👍
      I myself am going to give it a try with strawberry next time and spice mix would be great in the fall months😉
      Thank you so much for commenting and reading❤️

      1. Cool whip is like a whipped cream in a small tub.
        I’ve heard Dream Whip is similar to cool whip.It’s a dried powder – found with the jelly. You just mix it with milk (or a milk substitute).

        I hope this helps😉

      2. i also was thinking of red velvet, for v-day. wondering if it is still 1 smart point instead of point plus since we don’t use pp anymore

  3. I’m a little confused… When you say, “Drop by using small cookie scoop into powdered sugar and roll to coat” are you dropping the cookie scoop into the powdered sugar and then scooping up the batter? Could someone please clarify. Thank you!

    1. Scoop the batter first with cookie scoop, the drop ball of dough into powdered sugar and roll. *dough will be quite sticky, that is normal*
      Hope this helps Mary😊
      Thank you for reading And Another Cup Of Coffee❤️

  4. I make something much like this, but instead of the cool whip I use 1/3 c. olive oil, and I omit the powdered sugar. I’ve used all flavors of cake mix. Loved by all. They are a regular in my house hold. I will try with the cool whip. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Very excited about trying these but I am calculating 4 sp per cookie. 86 for the cake mix, 4 for the eggs, 31 for the cool whip, and 14 for the powdered sugar. Totaling 135 sp. divided by 36, that gives you 4 sp per cookie according to recipe builder. Please tell me if I am wrong because I really want to make these.

  5. I made these with lemon cake mix and they were yummy. My husband really liked them. They were hard to handle-very sticky. I ended up just dropping the dough into a small bowl with powder d sugar. Then rolled the bowl back and forth until the dough was coated. Then they were easier to pick up and put on baking tray. Anxious to try the chocolate mix

  6. I did the new smart points conversion and came up with 1 point each, considering that the batch made 36 cookies.

  7. I put all of the ingredients into my fitness pal app and it came out to 73 calories each if I get 36 cookies out of it. They are in the fridge right now. Could you use egg whites instead of the whole egg?

      1. I was able to get 54 cookies so it came out to 49 calories each and my whole family loved them!! Thanks for a great recipe. 🙂

  8. I was wondering how to add these to my app for weight watchers. Do you have the fat, sat. Fat and all that stuff? I made these today but can’t find them in the database. They are fabulous by the way!

  9. I am a “calorie counter”, any idea how many calories are in 1 cookie? BTW, I did not roll in sugar. They are good, hubby and son like them!

  10. These are great! My husband loved them. He wants me to make others using different cake mixes. Thank you for the recipe

  11. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderful cleaning ideas!! And to know that some of these have been tried, and true! And low-fat too, thanks

  12. You deserve an award for this recipe! I just made them and love them! Tasty and fluffy! I didn’t think it was hard to roll at all! I used light whipped cream instead of fat free. I calculated 102SP for the whole thing and got 48 cookies which is a little over 2SP each so I guess you would count it as 3SP each. I can’t wait to make it with other cake mix flavors! I used Betty Crocker super moist chocolate fudge cake mix. Thank you so much for sharing!

  13. I tried with another cake mix for fun used the confetti my kids loved them as did I love this this recipe

  14. What happens if you do not have an hour to chill? And can you use pepermint sugar to roll them in for a valentine theme?

  15. I’d like to try these with the SF cake mix Pillsbury has… eggs are zero now, too… I wonder if they might be 1 sp with these changes?

  16. I used to have a recipe for pumpkin muffins with dried nonfat powdered milk. Canned pumpkin. Minimal flour and spices. And I think crushed pineapple. 3 muffins a serving only about an inch highDoes anyone out there have that recipe? Also a recipe for Swiss log roll. Chocolate with a ricotta filling

  17. I just made these minus powdered sugar. I got 72 with my small scoop. For 1 points each! So good!

  18. I dropped them into the powdered sugar with the teaspoon , much easier. Does anyone how many calories in each cookie not points?

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