Save more money on groceries: New Snap App from Groupon

Hip hip hooray for another way to save a little money!
And this one doesn’t involve my coupon binder or printing out special offers.
Groupon just recently released a new app to help you save money on your groceries called Snap.
Download the new Snap App by Groupon (available free at Google Play or App Store).  Don’t have a smartphone, no problema, sign up with your computer online and you can get great rebates such as:
$1 back on any milk purchase
$2 back on Finish Dish washing Tabs
$1 back on any bread purchase
To get the Snap App on your phone just follow these steps:
1. Open a new Snap account.
2. Shop at any store — you can use manufacturer’s coupons with your purchase.
3. Snap a picture of your receipt and submit it for the offers you have selected.
4. Once you reach, $20 you’ll get cash back!
Click here to start your account today and learn more about Snap App from Groupon.
This sounds very tempting so I am going to try it out myself today☺

Get back to school supplies for only $0.02 at Target!

Go to and print these coupons now!!!
You can get Post-it notes AND Scotch tape for only $0.02 each!
I paid only $0.11 total for allthis:
(Includes my 5 cents off for bring my own bag😉)

So go and print these coupons now. lets you print two sets of each coupon…do fire up that printer and get over to Target this week! 😊



Starbucks coffee deal at Target!

You can get 3 bags of Starbucks coffee at Target for only $9.96! (Only $3.32 per bag is a great stock up deal)
Go to and print out these coupons:

Pick out your 3 bags if Starbucks coffee, use these coupons at check out and you will also receive a $5 Target gift card for purchasing the coffee!

Another little perk of this deal is on the bags of coffee there is a little sticker that has a code for you to enter into your Starbucks Rewards for free items! Double score!! ☕️


Thank you all so very much…


Time goes by so quickly, we all know, but it seems to go by even faster with each year our children grow. Many things have happened to me and my family over the past year both good and bad.

A friend reminded me that I started this blog 1 year ago…and I didn’t believe them at first! LOL

This little blog that I have is just a small way of me sharing different yummy food, places, and couponing/deals with all of you.

I am so grateful for all of you who have taken the time, whether it’s been 2 minutes browsing around, those making and enjoying these recipes at home and to you who use coupons looking for a deal.

I just hope that going into the second year of my blog I can show you even more great things for you to share with your family.

Thank you so very much!

          ~And another cup of coffee