Oh so good Strawberry Cupcakes( with the best frosting ever!)

This recipe is one of my family and friends new favorites! Yes, it is that good!

Especially the frosting is light and fluffy with out being overly sweet and you can taste the fresh strawberry flavor.


For the Cupcakes:

I have to be honest and report that I took the easy route on the cupcakes. LOL

I used a box of Strawberry moist cake mix! I made the cupcakes according to the box but I did add about 1/3 cup of fresh diced strawberries to the mix to give it a little more flavor.

For the Frosting:

16 tbsp Unsalted butter (room temperature)

4 cups Confectioner’s sugar (sifted)

1 tsp Whole milk

1 tsp Pure vanilla extract

1/4 tsp Salt

1/2 cup Diced fresh strawberries

Place all of the ingredients in the bowl of a stand mixer. Beat until well incorporated and the frosting is light and fluffy, approximately 3 to 4 minutes.

Frost cupcakes when they have cooled completely and top, if you like, with half a fresh cut strawberry. Enjoy!

I enjoyed one , with a cup of coffee of course, after I cleaned up the entire kitchen ūüôā


How to: A DIY “Rapunzel (Tangled)” Birthday party

I’m one of those parents who does not have a birthday party every single year for their child. I don’t have a problem with the idea, except I guess that I hardly had birthday parties growing up so when I was able to have a party it made it even that much more special to me.
My daughter has gone a handful of years without ever having an “official” birthday party. So my husband and I decided to have a party for our “Little Diva” this year.
Now, I originally wanted to have it at our home with tons of decorations all homemade and everything that I could do myself I planned to do…even the freak’n cake.
But deciding to have a party within one week of the actual party date (yes talk about last minute) my Martha Stewart homemade party plans fizzed out to the bottom of my brain….lol

To clarify: When we decided to throw a party together for our daughter we were all coming down from a three day Disney high.
We were on a plane ride home from our very first family vacation (first trip to Disneyland) together and had planned not to give our daughter a party due to this trip. I mean, come on, we just took her to Disneyland for the first time ever…¬† Anyway, my husband felt bad that our daughter has endured years of going to all kinds of other kids birthday parties and still not of had one of her own.¬† So my one week deadline to her party date was now in effect and I came up with a plan…

Right before our trip I had inquired about the new party room at our local cupcake shop. And luckily it was available and fairly affordable for what it all included. We decided to rent the room and¬†(supplied¬†by the shop)¬†a cake decorating for all the kids.¬† The cupcake shop provided the room, all decor, plates, napkins, cups, one cupcake (of choice)¬†per child , one 5″ round mini cake per child to decorate and all the clean-up…yes all the clean-up.¬† For 7 children total it turned out to be¬†affordable and easy.

However, I still wanted to save as much money as possible while keeping a “Tangled” theme and providing some useful stuff in the party’s “Goody Bags” (I was told by other moms that I had to have those LoL). So this is what I came up with:

First thing first, was to get the actual “goody bag”. I didn’t want to get the plastic character ones you find at the store for like $5.99 for 5 of them. So I found a pack of 10 purple paper bags for $1 at the party supply store. Then I busted out my daughter’s yellow poster paint and painted the “sun” from Tangled. When the paint dried I wrote each guest’s name in the middle of the sun.


I wanted one of the “goodies” to be a little thank you to our guests. So I remembered Rapunzel in the Tangled movie loves to paint. Wa-la! I got the cheap watercolor paint sets from the store and took off the package label and made one the said, “Rapunzel Paints, Thank you for coming to my party!”¬† And I put a sticker on the end of it (I made sure to have a Flynn Rider sticker on the ones for our male guests).


Next, I found a free printable from a Disney site of a bookmark of Rapunzel’s tower. So I printed out those, cut them out and laminated each one at home. You can find the link I used here.

Then for the rest of the goodies I found some inexpensive Rapunzel stickers (the boys got Avenger stickers…Thor is my daughter’s other love but that’s a whole other blog post). Also I found some pencils, suckers, and mini rubix cubes. So this is what they ended up looking like:


Boy’s Goodie Bag


Girl’s Goodie Bag

Then as a last thought, I printed out some free coloring pages from the Disney site and set them up on the table at the party for the kids to color while we waited for all the guests to arrive. Yes….I did it!

Over all, the party turned out great! My daughter was extremely happy and just thought it was so special for her. All of our little guests who attended had so much fun playing “Pin Pascal on Rapunzel”, decorating their very own cakes to take home and picking whatever cupcake they wanted from the shop. It was such a fun day for all the the kids and even the parents enjoyed themselves watching the activities.

I’m so glad that we had this party for our little girl…who is growing up so very fast.


Above: Little Diva decorating her mini cake

Above Left: One party guest playing “Pin Pascal on Rapunzel”

Easy Pink Champagne Cupcakes

Happy New Year and Welcome 2013!

So lets celebrate with some champagne and why not have a cupcake to go with it.  This is a very easy recipe that uses a box of cake mix as the start of it.  The cakes turn out nice and fluffy with a very smooth tasting champagne buttercream. Enjoy!

champagne cupcake


1 Box White Cake Mix (I used Betty Crocker SuperMoist)

1 1/4 Cup Champagne

1/3 Cup Veg. Oil

3 Egg Whites

4 Drops Red Flood Coloring

For Champagne Frosting:

1/2 Butter at Room Temp

4 Cups Powdered Sugar

1/4 Champagne

1 Tsp Vanilla

4 drops Food Coloring

Heat Oven to 350. Place paper baking cups in regular size muffin pan.

In large bowl, combine dry cake mix and champagne. Add oil, egg whites and food color. Beat with mixer on medium speed for 2 minutes. Divide batter evenly among muffin cups. (I only got about 17 cupcakes out of my first batch. I use a large ice cream scoop to help make all the cupcakes the same size)

Bake for 17 to 20 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes, then remove from pan to cool completely on cooling rack.

In medium bowl, beat frosting ingredients with mixer on medium speed until smooth. Frost cupcakes.