Today Only: 50% OFF Frozen Dress with Target Cartwheel

Today’s new toy Cartwheel offer is 50% off Disney Frozen Costume Dresses.
This deal makes the Anna or Elsa dress only $9.99!!
A great gift deal for the kid who loves Frozen (actually you probably know a bunch of kids that are “Frozen obsessed” lets be honest)
Don’t forget, Target is releasing a high value 50% off Cartwheel toy offer everyday through Christmas.

Great Deals on Frozen items and gifts

So if you haven’t heard about the movie Frozen you may be living on a deserted island am I right? My daughter and all her friends are so addicted to the movie and to the music even more.
The Frozen soundtrack was not allowed in the car for so long and then…I finally caved. I did make a rule that we could only listen to “Let It Go” five times during our driving around each day.
It’s sad really that my child is so addicted that I have to monitor her intake…she is totally Frozen/Elsa addicted! LOL

Anyway, I have found a handful of Frozen items that are finally at a reasonable price and actually available. This stuff sells like crazy. So if you find something you like buy it now and put it away for another day, birthday party, or even for Christmas.

513DTWEgmoL._SX450_This cute tin purse  is only $11.49 and ships free with Amazon Prime or with orders of $35 or more.Here

81lJ+cdHiHL._SL1500_This is a HOT item. It’s only $12.99 right now and ships free with Amazon Prime HERE
We saw only one of these at Disneyland back in February and they were selling them for $20!

71VAq8E0t6L._SY679_This pretty Elsa doll is $14.99 right now and in stock. It ships free with Amazon Prime HERE

indexMy daughter got one of these for her birthday this year and loved it! It’s a great find to grab and put away.
Right now it’s $4.99 and ships free with Amazon Prime HERE