HOT HOT Get $10 at Starbucks with only $5 Groupon Deal!

Coffee + $avings = One of my most favorite things♥

Go to right now to buy your $10 Starbucks eGift card for only $5 here. And after you make your purchase, they give you a redemption code so you can load it onto your Starbucks Rewards Card right away.  But I would purchase your soon because these always tend to sell out quickly.


Save more money on groceries: New Snap App from Groupon

Hip hip hooray for another way to save a little money!
And this one doesn’t involve my coupon binder or printing out special offers.
Groupon just recently released a new app to help you save money on your groceries called Snap.
Download the new Snap App by Groupon (available free at Google Play or App Store).  Don’t have a smartphone, no problema, sign up with your computer online and you can get great rebates such as:
$1 back on any milk purchase
$2 back on Finish Dish washing Tabs
$1 back on any bread purchase
To get the Snap App on your phone just follow these steps:
1. Open a new Snap account.
2. Shop at any store — you can use manufacturer’s coupons with your purchase.
3. Snap a picture of your receipt and submit it for the offers you have selected.
4. Once you reach, $20 you’ll get cash back!
Click here to start your account today and learn more about Snap App from Groupon.
This sounds very tempting so I am going to try it out myself today☺