Something yummy and new for the Superbowl

Hi everyone! Getting ready for the big game like me? lol

Well this year my husbands favorite team made it to the big game so there is some excitement already in my house. And I am trying a few new recipes today for game time snacks. I am making homemade potato skins and Fab Bread (as some call it, I don’t know it’s official name).
I have pictures below with the few steps for each recipe, don’t worry they are easy 🙂

Fab Bread:

Use any type of baked bread.Cut deep horizontal & vertical lines.
Put sliced or shredded cheese in between. (I used Mozzarella and some fresh Parmesan)
Add chives, garlic cloves, a little butter and anything else that sounds good.
Then bake for about 5-10 min. Done!


Homemade Potato Skins: